Q. What music do you recommend for sessions?

A. I have not kept records of the music I used in my sessions. Much of my music library then was on cassettes, which did not survive the transition to digital technology. This is a list of session music I currently have in my collection. It’s short and somewhat dated, but contains some useful pieces.

Indigenous chanting
Trance 2  (spiritual singing from 4 traditions) Tibet: The Heart of Dharma  (Tibetan monks singing)
    Kecak (Monkey chant)
    Upper and Lower Egypt
Camaroon: Baka Pygmy Music
Qwalli: Concert in Paris (Sufi) The Spirit Cries: Music of the Rain Forests of South America and the Caribbean
    Voices of the Rain Forest (soothing)

A mixture of different types of music
Jennifer Berezan:     In These Arms (particularly beautiful, soothing)
    Returning (same)
Karl Jenkins: Adiemus (unusual, positive, evocative)     Himalaya (movie sound track) Philip Glass: Kundun  (soundtrack) Michael Stearns: (evocative, different)
    The Lost World
    Singing Stones
Mickey Hart:
    Around the World
    Planet Drum
    Global Drum Nawang Khechog: (Tibetan flute, soothing yet demanding in sections)
    Nawang (my favorite of these two)
    Universal Love
Jonathan Elias:  The Prayer Cycle (very evocative)     Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares 
Lama Gyurme:  Lama’s Chant (spacious)     Don Evangelino Murayay: El Canto Del Tiempo (ayahuasca     songs)     Songs of Kuan Yin     Dechen Shak-Dagsay:  Shi De
Tibet: Cry of the Snow Leopard     The Fearsome Brave: Sacred Spirit (very uplifting)
    Carlos Nakai (spacious)
    Desert Dance     Sundance Season Carlos Nakai and Nawang Khechog:     Winds of Devotion Henryk Gorecki: Symphony No. 3,  movements 2 and     3. (intense, evocative) Rachmaninov: Vespers (spacious) Sheila Chandra: ABoneCroneDrone (drone music that can bore deep) Babatunde Olatunji: Drums of Passion Vicki Hansen: Earth Heart Hildegrad van Bingen: Illumination Rapa Iti: Tahitian Choir (unusual choral singing that can rattle your cage)
    Sacred World (positive)
Paul Winter: Wolf Eyes (positive)

Johns Hopkins Playlist for Psilocybin Studies