Few questions are more important than whether we live on Earth only once or many times, for if reincarnation is true, it dramatically expands our understanding of who we are and what the purpose of life might be.

Unique in scope, Lifecycles combines the best scientific studies of reincarnation with a wide-ranging discussion of the implications of this evidence. It begins with a synthesis of recent findings in consciousness research and past-life therapies, drawing from scholars such as Ian Stevenson and therapists like Joel Whitton, Helen Wambach, and Stanislav Grof. After surveying the compelling evidence for rebirth, Lifecycles explores the cycles of life that connect us to each other and reveal the living intelligence of our unfolding universe. Is reincarnation compatible with Christianity? The author answers, “Surprisingly, yes.”


“The most intelligent and broad ranging discussion of reincarnation I have encountered. Bache helps us see that any genuine encounter with our past lives is part of the soul’s quest to know our divine origins and higher purpose on earth.”
- Roger Woolger, Ph.D., author of Other Lives, Other Selves

"Lifecycles has set a model of elegance in thinking about the area of past lives and clarity in presenting conceptualizations. He becomes the eloquent spokesman of regression therapy as it is today – or as it will be tomorrow."
- Winafred Lucas, Ph.D., author of Regression Therapy

“A goldmine of information on the subject and a highly creative synthesis of traditional concepts and observations from contemporary consciousness research."
- Stanislav Grof, M.D., author of The Psychology of the Future

“Unique in scope, Lifecycles combines the best of scientific testimonies on reincarnation with philosophically sound yet accessible arguments about its implications.”
- West Coast Review of Books

“As readable as it is academically impressive.  Highly recommended."
- Journal of Religion and Psychical Research