In 1979, Chris Bache began a life-changing journey. Drawing on his training as a philosopher of religion, Bache set out to explore his consciousness as systematically as possible with the help of LSD. Following protocols established by Stanislav Grof, he conducted 73 therapeutically structured, high-dose LSD sessions over 20 years.

Journey alongside professor Bache as describes the stages of his journey and the spiral of death and rebirth that took him into an ever-deepening communion with universe. He shares his experience of the Creative Intelligence that both embraced and crushed him in a series of initiations that became the philosophical adventure of a lifetime. He describes the incalculable value of embracing the pain and suffering he encountered on this journey and the challenges he faced integrating his experiences into his everyday life. At the center of his narrative are the visions he was given of humanity’s evolutionary journey and the turning point it has come to as it strains to give birth to the Future Human.

Pushing the boundaries of theory and practice, the author shows how psychedelic experience can take you beyond self-transformation into collective transformation, beyond the present into the future, and beyond spacetime into the Divine Luminosity that lies outside cyclic existence.


“Once or twice in a century a book appears that has the explosive force of a supernova, breaking through the limitations of religion, science, and culture. This is such a book—a gripping account of an utterly unique and extraordinary hero’s journey that opens our minds and hearts to a new vision of our universe and ourselves. A deeply moving template of our evolutionary journey.”  
- Anne Baring Ph.D., author of The Dream of the Cosmos

“This is one of the most insightful and significant books I have ever read.”
- Ervin Laszlo, Founder of the Club of Budapest

A stunning and uplifting vision of the cosmos and humanity. This revelatory and transformative text is a genuine treasure; to read it is to open a portal into the vast and mysterious beauty of life.”
- G. William Barnard, Ph.D., professor of Religious Studies at Southern Methodist University

“Chris Bache has traveled into largely uncharted realms to explore the further reaches of psychedelic experience and brought back hard-won insights into our world and our moment in history. His memoir will be a guidebook for generations to come. This is a gem of a book.”
- Duane Elgin, author of The Living Universe

“Chris Bache is an intrepid psychonaut whose 20-year odyssey has yielded an extraordinary harvest of luminous insights into the deeper structure of reality and the underlying dynamics of human existence. Prepare to be amazed, energized, purged, shattered, illuminated and reborn by penetrating to the heart of this stunning revelation for our times.”
- David Lorimer, program director, Scientific and Medical Network

“This book is an extraordinarily rich journey and professor Bache’s cosmic insights represent a rare but profound gift to humanity. Highly recommended!”
- Eben Alexander, M.D., neurosurgeon, author of Proof of Heaven

“Chris Bache demonstrated tremendous courage to embark on the 73 high-dose LSD sessions that form the core of this book. The insights and lessons he brought back for us are profoundly relevant as we seek to answer fundamental questions of the meaning and purpose of our own lives. LSD and the Mind of the Universe: Diamonds from Heaven is a diamond from Chris!”  
- Rick Doblin, Ph.D., founder and executive director of MAPS

“Every now and then a genuine pioneer arises in our midst. With modest yet profound intelligence, Chris Bache takes us with him on his courageous journey into the depth of Universe as a field of reality that transcends all our beliefs and consciousness. With him we experience the intense suffering and ecstasy of universal reality.” - Barbara Marx Hubbard, author of Emergence and Conscious Evolution

“This most remarkable book fuses the critical reasoning of philosophy of religion and the epiphanies of the mind that come from direct gnostic access to some of the deepest structures of the universe. That these impossible epiphanies were made possible by a most remarkable scientific discovery which is now criminalized, LSD, only adds to the power of Chris’s remarkable revelation of who and what we really are.”
- Jeffrey J. Kripal, J. Newton Rayzor Chair in Philosophy and Religious Thought at Rice University

“Words can barely begin to describe the power and the importance of this book. In a half century of psychedelics-related reading and investigation, I have never encountered anyone who has delved so thoroughly into the nature and mind of creation as Chris Bache did. If you open yourself to the paradigm-shattering wisdom of this remarkable book, you will be changed. Essential reading for a species at the crossroads.”
- Stephen Gray, Founder of the Spirit Plant Medicine conference

“We have extensive historical, cross-cultural, and experimental evidence that psychedelics can have significant therapeutic and religious benefits. Now we have a new kind of data: the careful reflections by an eminent philosopher and theologian of his own intensive and systematic psychedelic explorations into the farther reaches of human experience.”
- Roger N. Walsh, M.D., Ph.D., professor at University of California Irvine

“Chris Bache’s controlled LSD experiences have been meticulously logged, analyzed and synthesized in this extraordinary book, which greatly extends our known entheogenic cartography. A must read for all those interested in psychedelics, psychology, and the furthest reaches of subjective experience.”
- David Luke, Ph.D., coauthor of DMT Dialogues

“A fascinating and inspiring work by an intrepid explorer. A rare glimpse into realms of consciousness and the transformation such journeys can bring, including a revelatory vision of an enlightened human future.”
- Peter Russell, author of The Global Brain